RoofTop Bike Rack

This Series is a great choice for both those just getting into camping with your SPACE Trailer and those looking for simple refinement. The Telescope Ladder is included so you may climb with confidence. Ready for irregular terrain, the telescoping rungs can easily adapt to different deployment heights. At the top of the ladder you’ll meet a 3 inch thick mattress protected by a washable Mattress Cover which can stay in your tent permanently. While getting comfortable, you’ll be supported by a light-weight yet reliable floor fortified by aluminum box tubing and foam insulation. From the floor pops up the Tent Body, made of 280 gram poly-cotton rip-stop fabric that has a normal nylon tent feel like a paper bag. Crowning the Tent Body you’ll find the Rain Fly permanently attached with integrated Stargazer Windows that let you enjoy the sky whatever the weather. Alongside the Rain Fly, the Tent Windows can be propped up for a panoramic view by handy dandy Spring Rods, designed with a “V” that redirects water drops away from the tent.

Monorail Bike Hitch Rack

The MonoRail is the most versatile rack in the RockyMounts lineup. It has the capacity for all styles of bikes; from skinny tire road machines, up to heavy fat tire E-bikes, this rack has you covered.

Security Kit


Get a good night sleep knowing that your trailer is locked up and secure. The Security kit includes the following:

Hitch pin lock for the ball mount that slides into the hitch

Couple lock that secures the coupler and trailer on your vehicle

Coupler ball lock that secures your trailer when it’s not hooked up to your vehicle.

Locks are keyed the same.


Roof Top Tents

If it’s a roof top tent trailer you’re looking for, SPACE is a great option for many roof top tent models** on the market.

Roof top tents mounted on a SPACE Trailer require the addition of Rear Stabilizer Jacks and Heavy Duty Gas Cylinders for additional stability. Please see our products page for more information.

**SPACE Trailers does not sell tents – photos are for illustration purposes only.

Dual Hitch


A great option if you already own a trailer hitch bike rack or don’t want to lift bikes up on the trailer. Also allows you to transport your bikes at your destination without taking the trailer.

There are some requirements for using a dual hitch:

  • You must have a 2″ hitch
  • Your vehicle must be able to handle the extra tongue weight. Most vans, mid size SUV’s can, but smaller vehicles cannot.
  • Check your vehicle specs and contact us for additional questions.
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