Places to Camp Near Minnesota

You’ve just traveled all the way from your home state to Red Wing, Minnesota to pick up your trailer. You pick it up, are SUPER excited, and you’re looking to take it for a spin as soon as possible. So, where are places to camp near Minnesota? Hay Creek Valley Campground: Red Wing, Minnesota If […]

What you can do with a SPACE Trailer

So… is “everything” the wrong answer? If you’re considering purchasing a SPACE Trailer soon and have any doubts, stick around! We are explaining many ways you can use your compact trailer, and what we’ve heard from customers. From camping to carrying equipment and more, a SPACE Trailer has got you covered. Camping This one is […]

Picking Up Your Trailer? Our Favorite Places in Red Wing!

Are you planning on making a trip out of coming to Red Wing, Minnesota and getting your trailer? We’ve had customers from all over the United States drive to our headquarters in Red Wing. And as you can guess, we get a lot of questions on suggested restaurants, places to stay at, and more! Here’s […]

SPACE Trailer Pricing Updates

We are proud to custom build each and every SPACE Trailer in Red Wing, Minnesota. As many of you are already aware, the nation is experiencing continued cost increases of raw materials and services. This has heightened in recent months due to the instability of goods and logistics. This impact has meant general cost increases. […]

The Reason for LUV Handles

Thinking of purchasing a SPACE Trailer? Have no idea whether or not you should get the LUV Handles? You may even be wondering what the heck LUV Handles are in the first place. A very common question we get asked is whether it’s worth it to get the LUV handles on a trailer. In short, […]

Everything You Need to Get Your Trailer Rooftop Tent Capable

Buying a SPACE Trailer for camping is one of the most popular reasons people get one! Not only can it fit your outdoor gear, but you can also put a rooftop tent on your trailer, too. When building your custom trailer, there are a lot of accessory options to choose from! So, we thought it […]

What Trailer Top Rack Size Should I Get on My SPACE Trailer?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a SPACE Trailer, you may be wondering what size SPACE Bars you should get. Or, you may not even know what SPACE Bars are yet. That’s okay! Every customer has been there. Picking the right trailer top rack size for you is an important decision. We are here to talk […]

What Wheel Size Do I Need on my SPACE Trailer?

We often get the question: “What wheel size do I need on my SPACE Trailer?” Long story short, the answer is that it is a personal preference. There really is no advantage to buying one over the other! But, here is everything you need to know on wheel sizes to help you pick the one […]

What Size Tongue Should I Get for My Trailer?

A commonly asked question that we get a lot is in reference to the size of tongue. Sometimes it’s because people want an opinion (we’ll give you one!) and other times it has to do with certain types of equipment. We are here to walk you through each length tongue, what size equipment each one […]

What Are SPACE Trailers?!

A simple question that may seem complicated! Maybe you’ve passed a SPACE Trailer on the road or come across one at a campground. You may have thought: “Wow! That looks awesome! Do I need one?” Of course, the answer is, “yes!!” But we are here to explain in-depth on what SPACE Trailers are and why […]