What Size Tongue Should I Get for My Trailer?

A commonly asked question that we get a lot is in reference to the size of tongue. Sometimes it’s because people want an opinion (we’ll give you one!) and other times it has to do with certain types of equipment. We are here to walk you through each length tongue, what size equipment each one […]

What Are SPACE Trailers?!

A simple question that may seem complicated! Maybe you’ve passed a SPACE Trailer on the road or come across one at a campground. You may have thought: “Wow! That looks awesome! Do I need one?” Of course, the answer is, “yes!!” But we are here to explain in-depth on what SPACE Trailers are and why […]

The Best Camping Utility Trailer

Our SPACE Trailer allows us to participate in all our favorite activities with ease and comfort and camping is one of our favorite activities! If you’re looking for a camping utility trailer, SPACE Trailers is the perfect option! You can easily install many roof top tent models on the market! SPACE Trailers do not sell […]

3 Customizable Cargo Trailer Features for your SPACE Trailer

There are a lot of different types of customizable cargo trailers. So, it’s important to know what you need from a trailer when building your own SPACE Trailer. And now, as summer is quickly approaching, it’s essential to know which customizable cargo trailer features you want to utilize—will you be biking, camping, kayaking, or all […]