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About SPACE™ Trailers

It’s a luggage trailer. A bike hauler. A camper’s dream trailer. The HighRider or the LowRider is the sport utility cargo trailer that does everything you do. Accessorize your SPACE™ Trailer and make it the supreme sport trailer for the road. Haul kayaks and canoes with SPACE Bars. To learn more about our company you can visit the About Us page.

Standard Features

SPACE™ Trailers are made in Red Wing, MN. Whether you select a HighRider or LowRider model, all base trailer includes a removable canopy, LED lighting, 2” coupler, six tie-down rings, 13” Black Wheels, Wheel Jack, LUV Handles, SPACE Bumpers, and standard gas cylinders. For more details visit the Standard Features link.

HighRider Space Trailer

6500 HighRider ST

LowRider Space Trailer

6500 LowRider ST

The Right Fit

The trailer you choose, the HighRider or the LowRider, should be determined by the height of the hitch on your tow vehicle. There is no difference in clearance between the two trailers, as the axle remains at the same height on both.

Refer to the height of your hitch and the height of the trailer tongue to determine which trailer is best for you.  The trailer tongue should be as level as possible when attached to your vehicle.

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