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Brian and Sandy purchased the SPACE Trailers company from the original owner in early 2020 and are now exclusively located in Minnesota.
For those familiar with the previous owner and the Colorado location, that shop was closed at the end of 2019. We sell our trailers in the lower
48 states from our shop in Red Wing, MN. (Sorry, no deliveries to Canada).

If you already know what you want, please go ahead and fill out a Quick Quote. If you have questions we’re here to help so please call or email and
we’ll make sure you get hooked up with the trailer that fits your needs.

Due to COVID-19 we no longer offer deliveries. Shipping is available if you arrange it (we do not have recommendations for shippers at this time)
and local hookups in MN are also available. There is currently an 8 week lead-time from the date an order gets placed.

SPACE Trailers 
5140 Moundview Drive                        email:
Red Wing, Minnesota 55066              Hours: Call or email for shop hours
Phone: 833-538-0029



Currently, we are not looking for dealers.  Alternatively, we are always looking for delivery partners.  What is a delivery partner?  A person who has a location with a loading dock or fork lift to off load a semi trailer.  Contact us for more information.

Trailer Modifications

What you see on our website is what we offer.  No additional trailer or accessory modifications are available.

Substitutions?  Sorry but there are no substitutes for the tires, wheels, axles, or anything else you may be wondering about.

Do we sell trailers without canopies?  The canopy is part of our brand and makes the trailer unique.  Hauling bikes, kayaks, tents, and gear all depend on the canopy and the SPACE Bars. It also helps keep gear inside the box safe from Mother Nature!  Each trailer is sold with a canopy, no exceptions.

Hitch on the back of the SPACE Trailer?  The lightweight trailer frame is not designed to have a hitch installed on the back for a bike rack, etc.  We suggest a dual hitch on the vehicle's frame if you want to haul more gear.


In case you missed it, we have an entire tab dedicated to these...please see the SPECS tab for more information!

Hookups, Shipping, and Deliveries

Hookups:  We offer local hookups at our shop in Faribault, MN.

Shipping:  We do not have any resources to use for shipping, and we do not have any shipper pricing.  If you want to have your trailer shipped, we will work with your shipper to get your trailer ready for pickup.

Deliveries:  Due to COVID-19, we are no longer delivering trailers.  We plan to re-evaluate this in the SPRING of 2021.