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Wheels and Tires

Aluminum Rims and Radial Tires


SPACE trailers come standard with 13” Black Mod Rim and radial tires. We offer both 13” and 15” tires in the black mod rim and the aluminum rim.

15″ black mod rim upgrade $150 for both tires

13″ aluminum wheel upgrade $300 for both tires

15″ aluminum wheel upgrade $450 for both tires

**Aluminum rim design may vary depending on product availability.

Aluminum Wheels

13″ & 15″ Wheels


SPACE trailers come standard with the 13” Black Mod rim and radial tires. We have a total of four different tire options between size of wheel and type of rims. You can upgrade to 15” wheels.

Lowrider 13” wheels tongue height 14”

Highrider 13″ wheels tongue height 19″

Lowrider 15″ wheels tongue height 17″

Highrider 15″ wheels tongue height 21″

Tongue height is from the ground to the bottom of the coupler.

Torque Specs:

13” steel 85-90lbs

13” alum 85-90lbs

15” steel 85-120lbs

15” alum 85-120lbs


13” steel – 29lbs

13” alum – 28lbs

15” steel – 38lbs

15” alum – 35lbs

black Trailer Side
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