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Our History — The Olson Story & The Gora’s
The Future — Red Wing Gear

The New Space Age

As of January, 2021 Rich Bodensteiner and Chris Shimek purchased SPACE Trailers from Brian and Sandy Gora. SPACE Trailers proudly operates out of Red Wing, Minnesota.

About Red Wing Gear

Red Wing Gear is a small company located in Red Wing, Minnesota made up of a close-knit team who enjoys the outdoors and an active lifestyle. We are passionate about helping others discover the outdoors and making our customers the number one priority. We were drawn to SPACE Trailers because of the unique niche it has created for itself! There really aren’t any other trailers like SPACE Trailers—these types of trailers can be customized into whatever you want it to be. We plan to continue providing fantastic customer service and quality products that SPACE Trailers has had since the very beginning.

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SPACE Trailers Through the Years

In spring of 2009, Brennan and Todd made a pact to purchase more fuel-efficient cars, knowing that space would be an issue. They agreed that kids, dogs, and the gear they needed were not options to leave behind. So, around a campfire, SPACE™ Trailers was born.

Brian and Sandy Gora bought SPACE Trailers from the Olson’s in February of 2020, continuing to share their passion of the outdoors with prospective customers.

We are excited to share our passion of the outdoors with other outdoor enthusiasts. More exciting things to come!

Happy Trails!
Team Red Wing Gear

silver trailer filled and open