Standard Features

Check out our versatile SPACE Trailer features that come with all base trailers!

Base Trailer Model

(Box with Tailgate)

SPACE Trailers are super LIGHTWEIGHT + CAR-FRIENDLY. Being low-profile and aerodynamic, they are an ideal trailer for small cars like the Subaru Crosstrek. (Refer to your vehicles and hitch towing specifications). What’s even better? They are made right here in Red Wing, MN.

Standard 4x7' Box w/ Tailgate

Every base SPACE Trailer model starts with a 4x7 foot box with a tailgate. The trailer bed is a ½” dual coated plywood which is poly coated on both sides with a nonskid flooring in the trailer to eliminate any skid inside the box.

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Color Options
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Get Technical
Check out the full technical specs on SPACE Trailers below:

Removable Canopy

All base trailer models come with a removable UV protectant .25" thick HDPE canopy w/ aluminum frame. The canopy can easily open even when your gear is mounted on top and removed when you need to haul larger gear and projects (ex. ATV, dirt bike, lumber/ladders, etc.).

Trailers come with a stay-rod to support your canopy lid when open.


Vertical Storage with SPACE Bumpers

SPACE bumpers are located on the bumper of the tailgate, so no damage will come to the bottom of the trailer during shipping and vertical storing.

When you are not using your SPACE Trailer, you can stand the trailer on the end allowing you to store it out of the way in your garage. The SPACE Trailer tongue is bolted on the trailer frame (not welded) so when you store the trailer vertically in your garage, the tongue will flip down.

Side LUV Handles

The LUV Handles are bolted into the frame and provide extra security to lock down your gear. They also allow you to easily maneuver the trailer when disconnected from your vehicle.

13" MOD Black Wheels

All base SPACE Trailers come assembled with 13” Mod Black highway rated radial tires. These durable steel rims are great for four-season commuting, off-pavement travel, and traveling in heavy snow.

Not quite what you’re looking for? We offer additional tires at an additional cost as well as spare tires. (All our tires are highway-rated to 80 MPH.)



The unique Tailgate design flips open to 90° and 180 °using latches on both sides.

Standard Tongue Length

Base trailers come with a Standard 4ft Tongue. Great for hauling up to a 10ft kayak or canoe on top of the canopy.

Note that you will need to purchase Heavy-Duty Gas Cylinders and Front/Rear Stabilizing Jacks  to haul additional weight on top of the trailer.

Need to haul something a little longer? We offer 2 additional tongue upgrades.


Roof-Top Tent Capability

Base SPACE Trailers come with Standard Gas Cylinders which can carry up to 300lbs.

If it’s a roof top tent trailer you’re looking for though, SPACE is a great option for many roof top tent models.

Roof top tents mounted on a SPACE Trailer require the addition of Rear Stabilizer Jacks and an upgrade to Heavy-Duty Gas Cylinders for additional stability.

Stabilizing Jacks

Stabilizing Jacks support the trailer so it's well balanced and doesn't tip backwards or forwards. Adjustable front and/or back stabilizing jacks can be added to your trailer.

Not sure if you need them?


Roof-Top Tents

Check out some great roof-top tent options that we offer.


Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinders, located on each side of the trailer, help you open/close the canopy. Standard Gas Cylinders have a total capacity of 300 lbs of lift.

Upgrading to Heavy-Duty Gas Cylinders allows you to open/close with more weight on top (total capacity of 400 lbs of lift).


LED Lighting

Dependable and noticeably bright LED lights are positioned on the back and sides of the trailer while the custom-made wiring is tucked away and protected which eliminates common lighting issues.

The four-prong lighting receiver easily connects to your vehicle. The custom-made LED lighting harness requires a 4 flat wire connection. If you have a 7-pin connector, you will need an adapter.


2" Ball & Coupler

The 2” coupler is the connection point mounted on the trailer tongue which clamps around the 2” ball connecting and securing the SPACE Trailer to your vehicle.

Safety Chains

Also known as “break away chains”, these chains are a backup safety precaution. The chains ensure that in the unlikely event that your SPACE Trailer comes unhitched while traveling, that the trailer stays tethered to your vehicle until you can safely stop.

Standard Tongue = 44” of Safety Chain
Long Tongue = 28” of Safety Chain
XL Tongue = 14” of Safety Chain *(May need a chain extender)

Wheel Jack

Using the Wheel Jack, you can support your SPACE Trailer when disconnected from your vehicle and assist in easy maneuvering of the trailer.

Six Tie-Down Rings

There are 6 galvanized steel tie down rings (3 on each side of the trailer). Perfect for securing any loose gear in the trailer or for when you remove the canopy to haul bulky items without the canopy.

Time to Take it Off-Road

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