Monica and Richard Skeat  

SPACE Trailer with Rooftop tent for family vacation
WOW!  What a difference the trailer has made for our summer camping experience.  We loaded it up with all our camping gear at the beginning of the summer and it was ready to go at a moments notice.  No creative roof rack packing and struggling to make it all fit.  All we needed was to add the cooler and we were on our way.  Every place we went other campers would inquire about the trailer and told us they had been looking for years to find a trailer like that.  We are tent campers so we set up an outdoor camp kitchen at the site. We would leave the trailer next to the kitchen set-up with the cooler inside. That way we wouldn’t have to move a heavy cooler into the car every night for critter protection.  Just close and lock the lid down...perfect!  It totally past the test as proof by many raccoon footprints all over the top but they were unable to get at our food.  Worth every penny.  Can’t wait for summer so we can head out again.  Thanks... we love it!