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Space Bars

Space Bars



Adjustable SPACE Bars makes transporting, loading and unloading kayaks, canoes, and bikes a cinch. SPACE Bars work with most roof top rack accessories.

Dynamic (moving) Weight Capacity – 225 lbs.  (Gear being hauled on the bars in motion – bikes, kayaks, canoe, folded up roof top tent)

Static (not moving) Weight Capacity – 600 lbs (Total weight the SPACE bars can support safely in a stationary position which includes the tent and occupants.)  Trailer needs to be equipped with heavy duty gas cylinders and rear stabilizing jacks.

SPACE Bars are not adjustable in height. The SPACE bars measure at 1.25 clamps diameters SPACE Bars are available three widths: 54, 72” and 80”

54″ SPACE Bar: $360

72″ SPACE Bar: $380

80″ SPACE Bar: $400

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54" SPACE Bar: $360, 72" SPACE Bar: $380, 80" SPACE Bar: $400

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