5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a SPACE Trailer

Space Trailers parked in warehouse SPACE trailers are unique for a variety of reasons. So, here are some things to know that set SPACE trailers apart from any other trailer on the market.

Proudly Made in the USA

Every SPACE Trailer is the product of domestic US manufacturing in our facility in Red Wing, Minnesota. Here at SPACE trailers we’re proud of our Minnesota heritage and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. We also ship our trailers around the world or offer them for pickup right here in Red Wing.

Car Friendly

We designed SPACE trailers to work with most vehicles, not just trucks. Thanks to their lightweight construction and aerodynamic design, SPACE trailers can be hauled by smaller cars like the Subaru Crosstrek. All it takes is a compatible tow hitch and ball mount. **Refer to your car’s manual before seeking to tow any trailer.** green space trailer being unloaded with Tuoteg Ebikes


SPACE trailers are made to order based on your needs. So, choose anything from the color of your trailer to the suspension, tongue length, tire size and other factors to suit your needs. Next, a variety of accessories such as SPACE bars, SPACE bumpers and LUV handles provide features for everyone and every adventure.


With an internal capacity of 65 cubic feet and a hauling capacity of 1,000 pounds, SPACE trailers can take any adventure you have in mind. Additionally, the canopy is also removable to tow other vehicles. Customers have hauled, bikes, kayaks, snowmobiles, wild game or even home improvement materials in their SPACE trailer.

Easy Care, Storage and Use

SPACE trailer’s lightweight construction comes with some storage advantages. Thus, our clever tongue design allows for upright vertical storage of your space trailer. Vertical storage of your trailer helps free up room for more adventure gear in your garage! This simplicity comes with ease of maintenance. Correspondingly, all it takes to keep your trailer in working condition is some simple inspections. Furthermore, a yearly tightening of bolts, and application of tire grease keeps the trailer in working condition for the long haul. Space trailer with tent on top

High Quality Construction and Materials

We use high end materials and top quality US manufacturing for the assembly of every SPACE trailer. Correspondingly, this means heavy duty wiring, marine plywood, and top quality stainless steel construction across the entire trailer. The sum total of all these things means our trailers are built to stand the test of time and any adventure you want to take them on. Read more about the construction on our specifications page.

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