The Lightest Hybrid Trailer on the Market

Hybrid Trailer red white and blue Here at SPACE Trailers, we were created, around a campfire, through a shared love for the outdoors. We want everyone to get out there and travel better! To help with that we used our firsthand experience and research to develop our own trailer to help create as many opportunities for adventure for you as possible. Making our trailer lightweight is a huge part of that mission.

Why Lightweight?

When it comes to trailers, bigger is not always better. A trailer too big or too heavy can be cumbersome to navigate and expensive to manage. At SPACE Trailers, our lightweight trailer takes quality materials sturdily crafted here in the USA to provide a reliable and durable product for you. Our trailer being lightweight is one of its main benefits for numerous reasons. little girl by Hybrid Trailer

Car Friendly

Our SPACE Trailer is highly customizable and works with virtually any vehicle. This is possible because of our extremely lightweight trailer that comes in at only 600 pounds with different highrider and lowrider options. Not only that, but with our trailer’s lightweight design it hauls like a breeze. Many customers comment on how our lightweight trailer has improved their camping experiences. Often other bulky trailers pull slowly, making long drives more costly and time consuming. Our trailer’s lighter design improves your gas milage and reduces costs. Also, important to mention is our trailer’s maneuverability. Due to its dimensions and weight, our trailer can traverse more landscapes. For example, our lightweight trailer can more easily take corners, reverse, and off-road than some larger trailers. Due to these factors, our lightweight trailer is an easy to pick for new trailer owners. Space trailer with green kayak


One of the most unique features of our lightweight trailer is vertical storage. Due to our trailer’s lightweight and unique design, it can be stood up on one end for comfortable and compact storage. This helpful feature saves room in your garage for other items. Make sure to get some SPACE Bumpers if you plan to utilize the vertical storage feature. SPACE Bumpers help prevent any dings or scratches on your trailer when storing vertically or backing up. For all these reasons and more we know that our lightweight trailer will be up to all the challenges and adventures that you may go on. Always feel free to send us your stories of how our lightweight trailer helped, we’d love to hear about it!

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