Accessorizing your SPACE Trailer

Accessorizing your Space Trailer

SPACE trailer users are a creative bunch, and they’ve found a way to take our add ons and combine them with aftermarket gear to build trailers that suit any and every need. Therefore here is a list of our accessories and some popular aftermarket accessories.

13″ & 15″ Wheels

Larger wheels provide the ability to handle rougher terrain and provide a different look for your SPACE trailer. Also there is also the choice between black or aluminum rims.

Spare Tires

Spare tires are a must have for off road users. Of course nobody wants to drive a trailer out of a primitive camping area on just one good tire. Correspondingly, most users will store their spare tires on the trailer tongue for easy access.

Dual Hitch

The dual hitch allows for the carriage of additional gear by adding another hitch. Namely, this hitch can be used to haul bikes or other additional equipment. Accessorizing your Space Trailer

Space Bumpers

SPACE bumpers optimize the storage of your trailer. By adding an additional layer of plastic protect the rear of the trailer when stored vertically, SPACE bumpers help keep your trailer in top shape.

LUV Handles

LUV handles provide additional handles on the sides of the trailer box. Thus, these handles can be used as a lashing point or a secure point to lock items to the side. Furthermore, LUV handles act as a point of manipulation to maneuver the trailer when disconnected from a hitch.

Space Bars

SPACE bars function as a roof rack for your sport trailer. From kayaks, to rooftop tents, to bikes of all sorts, SPACE bars are one of our most popular options, and come in a variety of sizes for any user.

Rear Stabilizer Jacks

Rear stabilizer jacks support the SPACE trailer and create a balanced platform for sleeping in a rooftop tent.

Accessorizing your Space Trailer

Other Accessories

Rooftop Tents

As mentioned previously, rooftop tents are a popular add on for SPACE trailer users. Thus, there are a a wide variety of soft and hard shell options on the market to suit your needs.

Bike Racks

Bikes are popular with SPACE trailer users as a method to get around campsites and other areas. We love the Rocky Mount Monorail 2-Bike Hitch Rack as well as the RockyMount BrassKnuckles Rooftop Bike Rack for the top of your SPACE Trailer!


Coolers are popular among most car campers, including the eponymous YETI coolers. Correspondingly SPACE trailers offer a convenient place to store any cooler, while improving your camping experience.


SPACE trailer users love their boats. So we’ve seen canoes, kayaks, and even whitewater rafts hauled on SPACE trailers. Fittingly, boats are a crucial accessory for any SPACE trailer user.

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