Are SPACE Trailers Waterproof?

The Short Answer: Yes

The canopy of your SPACE trailer is waterproof in most circumstances under most conditions.

The Long Answer: It’s a bit More Complex

white waterproof travel trailer

The canopy of your SPACE trailer is waterproof in most cases short of immersion. As a matter of fact each SPACE trailer canopy features a gasket lining. Correspondingly, this gasket lining creates a solid seal between the canopy and the rest of the trailer box that keeps out water, dust and other contaminants. However, while it won’t help you if you land your trailer in a lake, it will be more than fine in a rainstorm or even from water splashing upwards like a mud puddle or the like.

Other Questions About the SPACE Trailer Canopy

The SPACE trailer canopy is a molded piece of quarter inch high density polyethylene plastic with an aluminum frame. Thus this creates a protective structure for all your gear in a variety of ways. Furthermore the aluminum frame provides weight bearing support, while the plastic canopy keeps contents protected from the elements. Also, in addition to waterproofness, the canopy also protects from the outside temperature and UV radiation.

How Insulated is the SPACE Trailer Canopy?

Heavy duty Space Trailer in snow storm

High density polyethylene has a high R-value, meaning it provides a moderate level of insulation for the contents of the SPACE trailer. We have tested this insulative value by putting a cooler of ice inside the canopy and leaving it. The ice remained for several days longer than just the cooler alone. This also means the reverse is true; that hot things in the canopy will remain hot in cold weather, though to a lesser extent.

How UV Resistant is the SPACE Trailer Canopy?

The high-density polyethylene canopy of your SPACE trailer is fully UV protective. This means the gear inside of the canopy will not suffer any UV degradation during periods on the road. waterproof luggage trailer space trailers

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