Best Packing Practices for a Trip

We all love gear, and the SPACE trailer helps you carry more. So here are some tips on how to pack your SPACE trailer to get the best performance on and off the road.

Why is Trailer Weight Distribution Important?

The way you pack your trailer has a huge impact on the way your trailer performs, both on and off the road. Namely a poorly packed trailer is bad for a myriad of reasons. First, it is more difficult and less safe to drive. Next, it also carries less equipment and can cause your trailer or vehicle to wear out more quickly. Furthermore, a poorly packed trailer can reduce your car’s gas efficiency.

Space Trailer Weight Distribution

child standing in empty space trailerWeight Distribution

To start, the maximum weight capacity of a SPACE trailer is 1,000 pounds. How you distribute this weight is based around the trailer axle as a lengthwise midpoint. So, we recommend placing 60% of the weight closer to the tongue than the axle, 30% around the axle, and 10% back past the axle. On the other axis, we recommend a simple equal weight distribution on the right and left side of the trailer, with heavier items oriented towards the center. Thus, fluids like water especially need to be centered to avoid their shifting during travel. The combination of these two factors will keep safe pressure on the ball joint, and the trailer tracking cleanly. Meaning, this results in a smoother ride, less tire wear, and better fuel efficiency.

Size Distribution

The tallest items in the SPACE trailer should be packed about a foot from the head (tongue side) of the trailer. Also, taller items should stay near the centerline to fit under the trailer canopy.

Containers We Recommend

To keep the main cabin organized, many users turn to containers to organize the trailer interior. We recommend this container for carrying water in your SPACE trailer because the flat bottom doesn’t roll in the trailer. Standard milk crates are also popular among users for their versatility in storing various items.

Fully packed space trailerDimensions to be Aware of

The length of the main trailer cabin is 84 inches long by 49 inches wide by 13 inches high for a total interior volume of 53508 cubic inches. The trailer canopy is removable and adds roughly 50% more cubic space atop the main cabin.


You can learn more by reading our specifications page. For any specific questions, contact us via our webform.

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