Caring for your SPACE Trailer

Green Space Trailer with lid openYou love your space trailer and obviously you want to keep it around. Your SPACE trailer can take a lot of punishment but in order to enjoy it for a long time, it’s important to take good care of it.

Upon Receiving Your SPACE Trailer

Check all your trailer lights before setting out on your first trip. This means the four running lights, trail lights, brake lights and rear turn signal lights. Also make sure the license plate lights are activated when your vehicle’s running lights are on.

After Your First Use

It’s important to adjust your lug nuts After the first 50 miles to make sure everything is tight. A good rule of thumb is to spend some time with a wrench after the first adventure or two making sure that all the components of the trailer are tight and squared away.

Red white and Blue Space Trailer with lids openThings to Check Each Use

It’s important to take stock of the condition of your trailer before setting off on any adventure. You don’t want a breakdown of your trailer getting in the way of a potential adventure. Here’s a quick checklist: To begin, Inspect the trailer hitch and jack for any damaged, loose or missing components. Next, Check the tire for proper inflation and obvious damage. Check the rim for loose lug nuts and rim damage. Also, open the trailer canopy and check both tailgate latches for proper fitment, and any looseness or damage. Check the tailgate cables for any fraying or damage. On the exterior, check the tailgate hinges for function and fitment. While within the canopy, check the thing bolts for looseness or any potential damage or fitment issues. Inspect both canopy struts and the support rod for damage or missing components.

Things to Check Occasionally

In addition to the aforementioned inspection, also do the following. Remove the hub dust cover with a flat blade screwdriver and grease the hub. We recommend greasing both sides of the wheels every 3,000 miles or 3 months. Do not over grease the wheel bearings or use heavy greases. Use a grease gun and apply grease until resistance is felt. This is our recommended grease.

Grey space trailer in warehouseYour One Year Anniversary

One year with your beloved SPACE trailer, how romantic. Here’s how to celebrate and care for your trailer around for years to come: First, Make sure all the leaf spring U-bolts and mounting bolts are present and tight. Next, Check the tongue mounting bolts for fitment and make sure all bolts are present. Continue by checking your SPACE bars and top rails for damage and proper fit. Check both top rails on the canopy for loose or missing hardware. Finally, take a look at all trailer decals for damage.

Anything Else?

For other questions, refer to our SPACE trailer manual. For Specifics, ask our customer support.

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