Do I Need Heavy Duty Gas Cylinders for my Trailer?

There are many accessories to choose from when building your SPACE Trailer. You’ll know you will want some accessories right off the bat. But others, you might be unsure of. The heavy-duty gas cylinders are one of the top questions we get on whether someone should get them or not. You may not even know exactly what they are or the benefits to them. Long story short, the answer is “yes, get them”! Here’s why.

What Are Heavy Duty Gas Cylinders?

Heavy duty gas cylinders are the struts in your trailer that allow you to lift the canopy of your trailer. They help reduce the amount of effort you put in to open the canopy. These come in handy when you have heavy objects attached to your SPACE Bars. Whether that be a rooftop tent, bikes, kayaks, or canoes, these struts help you to get inside your trailer without having to take anything off the top. The heavy-duty gas cylinders help you lift an additional 100lbs. (Normal gas cylinders help lift 300lbs and heavy-duty gas cylinder help lift 400lbs).

Should I Get Them?

Blue Trailer with blue river rafts YES! If any customer is ever hesitant about buying them, we always say to get them. They are easier to put on when going through the production process than trying to put them on yourself. The heavy-duty gas cylinders need additional brackets put on with them to help distribute weight. And if your trailer has LUV Handles, putting those brackets on becomes a little trickier. Of course, it isn’t impossible to do it yourself. But it saves you a hassle if you just put them on right from the start.

What You Will Need Them For

If you plan on using a rooftop tent, you will need the heavy-duty struts. This helps you to access whatever you have inside your trailer without having to take your tent off the top. If you plan on putting anything heavyweight on top of your trailer, get the heavy-duty struts. Accessing what is inside your trailer is just as important as accessing what is on top of your trailer. If you ever have any questions or want to talk through any accessory options, give us a call!

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