What you Need to Know Before you Purchase a Dual Hitch for your SPACE Trailer

What size is your receiver?

The space trailer dual hitch is built for 2-inch receivers. This primarily includes class 3 and 4 vehicles. Furthermore, the dual hitch is not compatible with raised hitches.

space trailer with camping gear with dual hitchHow much weight will you be hauling?

While space trailers are ultra-lightweight, it's important to consider the full weight of the components your car will be towing. The additional weight of a dual hitch may be beyond the hauling capacity of some smaller vehicles. Do some quick math of the total tow weight and refer to your car’s manual. You can also refer to digital towing calculators for more information.

What will you be carrying?

Most customers use a dual hitch to haul bikes with their SPACE trailer, but your imagination is the only limit. Some other ideas include external cargo boxes, spare tires, or coolers. For bikes, we recommend the RockyMounts bike rack found on our website. The MonoRail can securely carry all types of bikes, from heavy fat tire electric bikes to whisper-light high-end road bikes. We at SPACE trailers love its combination of lightweight (39lb), US make and manufacture, and versatility.

How will this change my vehicle's handling?

The additional length may change the acceleration, turn radius, and snow performance of a fully-loaded vehicle. Depending on your cargo, your car’s rear windshield may have partially or fully impeded visibility. Plan ahead and consider mocking up a model to visualize the effect before purchasing or backing up with a fully loaded rig. Make sure to test drive your rig before departing on any interstate travel.

space trailer with dual hitchHow does this change the versatility of the SPACE trailer?

The standard SPACE trailer can mount bikes, but the dual hitch offers some additional storage and flexibility. A dual hitch will allow you to deposit your trailer at a campsite and still carry whatever you need on the hitch. Stash the trailer and ride mountain bikes or cruise the boardwalks. The choice is yours!

Some other safety considerations

The top hitch is not built or intended for towing. We also recommend minimizing the load on the top hitch. Most class 3 vehicles can haul up to 8,000 pounds safely but check with your car manufacturer or online for more details.

Run it past an expert.

Contact SPACE trailer customer support directly if you have more questions. Also, consider contacting your car’s manufacturer to learn more about its towing capacity.

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    Looking for 1 inch receiving hitch for large basket for vice motor scooter

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