Everything You Need to Know Before Picking up Your Lightweight Trailer

SPACE Trailers are known for being a compact and lightweight trailer. Being headquartered in Red Wing, Minnesota could mean we are either close or very far away from you. We offer shipping as an option, but many of our customers come to pick their trailer up. They make a road trip out of the journey and have some fun along the way! We get asked most of the same questions before pickups, so here is what you need to know before picking up your lightweight trailer.


lightweight trailer Space TrailerMany customers who are driving from out of state wonder how they should drive their lightweight trailer back to their home state without having it registered at their local DMV. When you come and pick your trailer up, we hand you a couple pieces of paperwork. The first is your Certificate of Origin. This document has your trailer’s VIN number on it as well as the model and where it was manufactured. The second document is a Proof of Purchase. This document is essentially your receipt for the trailer. These pieces of paperwork prove that you are the owner of the trailer. Additionally, they also prove you are driving back to your home state from picking it up. You will also need to bring both documents with you to your local DMV to register your trailer.

Get Your Car Ready

Making sure your car is ready before making the drive here is important and can save you a lot of time! Your lightweight trailer will need a two-inch ball, and the trailer has a 4 flat pin wire harness. Additionally, you will want to bring a lug wrench with you. We suggest that you tighten the lugs after the first 50 miles you travel with your trailer. You should also make sure the wiring on your car is working properly. This is because you want to make sure your car can light up the lights on the trailer when traveling. Making sure these steps are done ahead of time will save you time in case you were to forget something. If you have a big adventure planned, consider a dual hitch for your Space Trailer for even more hauling opportunities! As always, please give us a call if you have any questions before your travels to Red Wing, Minnesota!

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