Fall Festivities You Can Do with Your Trailer

Fall is right around the corner people! That means time for all the fall festivities that accompany it. Owning a SPACE Trailer during the fall season brings about new opportunities! Here are some fun activities you can do this fall with your trailer.

Turn Your Trailer into a Hayride

Space Trailer HayrideTurn your trailer into a hayride and bring your family and friends around the neighborhood! The canopy on SPACE Trailers are easily removable. You can create an open trailer and add in some hay barrels for people to sit on. Load up on hot apple cider and you’ll be on your way! Everyone will want to go for a ride. Just remember, be careful!!! Don’t go too fast and take precautions on being safe. SPACE Trailers can haul up to 1,000 pounds.

Fill Up Your Trailer with Pumpkins

space trailer with pumpkinsA SPACE Trailer is perfect for hauling pumpkins back from the pumpkin patch. Take your friends or your kids on a fun adventure without worrying about where to put all the pumpkins after. It helps to keep your car cleaner, too!

Hit The Road to See the Leaves Change

If you live in a state such as Minnesota, then you know that fall brings about beautiful changes in the tree leaves. Pack up for a fun weekend trip and head up north to see the leaves change. It gives your family an excuse to go on a road trip before the snow comes. And, you get to see beautiful scenery while you’re at it! Think of it as a last hoorah before your trailer gets stored away for winter.

Use Your Trailer at Tailgates

Football season is the best season. And what better reason to use your trailer than bringing it to a tailgate? Pack up all your tailgating essentials without running out of room. And if you’re going all-in, you could even decorate your trailer to represent your favorite sports team.

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