How to Hook a SPACE Trailer to a Hitch

space trailer hook to a hitch

The first step to taking your SPACE trailer out on an adventure is connecting it to your vehicle's hitch. Here’s a step by step on connecting your SPACE trailer.

Set Up the Trailer

Set the trailer up stably either on a flat surface or held in place with chocks. Then use the wheel jack to raise the trailer tongue well over the height of the hitch.

Set Up the Vehicle

Back vehicle up to meet with the SPACE trailer. Put it in park. Thus, this article presumes your vehicle is capable of towing a SPACE trailer and uses the standard 2 inch ball hitch.

Connecting the Coupler

First, set the vehicle in park and gently lower the trailer tongue up and over the ball hitch. You can use the wheel jack for a mechanical advantage in maneuvering the trailer. Next, once the tongue is over the ball hitch, crank the trailer jack handle to lower the trailer coupler onto the ball hitch. Finally, lower the safety latch to secure the coupler onto the ball hitch and make sure the latch is secure. Then to complete the process, either lock the safety latch with a standard padlock or install a simple safety pin to secure the latch during transit. After the coupler is on the hitch and locked, pull the pin of the handle on the wheel jack to rotate it into the stored position. hooking a space trailer to a hitch

Connecting the Wiring

After the ball hitch is secure, find your vehicle's wire connections and the trailer wiring. Every SPACE trailer is built with 4 flat wiring. Thus other wiring, such as a seven-pin wire, will require an adapter. Connect the wiring between the vehicle and trailer, leaving some slack to protect the wiring harness. After the wiring connections have been made, check on the lighting of your vehicle to make sure every trailer light is functioning and corresponds to the correct lights.

Securing Safety Cables

Attach the two safety cables to the accompanying loops on the vehicle. Furthermore, we recommend crossing the cables for additional security.

Safety Inspection

Before blasting off, we recommend a quick once-over of all the components of your SPACE trailer. So, ensure that all the components are connected, the tires are in good condition, your lights are properly working—side turning and brake lights, and all latches and other elements are secure. UTV connecting space trailer to hitch

You’re Ready To Go!

Wherever you’re going, have fun on your adventure with peace of mind knowing your trailer is secure behind your vehicle.

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