How Heavy Duty is a SPACE trailer?

Space Trailer in snow storm We build our SPACE trailers to top-spec with the best material and American labor. This combination creates a balance between lightweight and heavy-duty adventure trailers. Here are some more details on why SPACE trailers are built to last.

Trailer Materials

muddy black space trailerTo build the best, you have to start with the best materials. First, we start each trailer on the base of an 18 gauge steel box surrounding a 14 gauge galvanized steel frame. This provides superior strength, durability, and excellent force transfer for towing while maintaining a lightweight. Next, resting atop this frame is a quarter-inch high-density polyethylene canopy. This canopy is reinforced with aluminum as well as removable to suit your needs. Hydraulic gas cylinders of your choice support this canopy, helping you manipulate it up or down. Furthermore, the floor of your SPACE trailer is built with a half inch marine grade plywood base, coated on both sides. This provides water and corrosion proofing, and non skid performance on the inside of the trailer. Additionally, throughout the body of the trailer is a custom wiring harness. This harness connects via a 4-flat wire connection to bright LED running, brake, and turning lights in the rear and sides. Finally, SPACE trailers also rest upon leaf spring axles and Dexter EZ lube hubs, connected to 13 or 15 inch tires depending on your preference. The combination of all these raw materials is a trailer that can handle whatever you throw at it.

Trailer Construction

muddy green space trailerWe build every SPACE trailer in Red Wing Minnesota. Namely, this means your purchase goes directly back to a US company, a US worker, and supports American domestic manufacturing. We assemble SPACE Trailers from the aforementioned components with high quality aluminum rivets and stainless steel fasteners. Moreover, we also add any accessories of your choosing. Finally, after the completion of this process, your trailer is shipped to you or ready for your pick up in Red Wing, Minnesota. We also stand behind our trailers with a one year limited warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. Correspondingly be sure to register your trailer to ensure fulfillment of this warranty.

What This Means for You

The combination of all these factors is a tough, heavy duty trailer built to last. For a trailer weighing roughly 600 pounds, a load capacity of 1,000 pounds is one tough trailer with a lot of storage.

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