How to Decide Between a Lowrider and a Highrider SPACE Trailer

If you’re new to SPACE Trailers, you might be a little confused on what the difference is between a Lowrider and a Highrider. You also may be wondering which one you should get for your car. Don’t worry, we get this question all the time! It isn’t as difficult as you might think, so hang tight and we’ll help you. What is a “Lowrider” vs. a “Highrider”? grey van with grey space trailerA Lowrider versus a Highrider has to do with trying to match the height of the tongue on the trailer to the hitch on your vehicle. Additionally, the axle is situated differently on the Lowrider than on the Highrider. Choosing between these options has to do with making sure the trailer tongue is level when attached to your vehicle. It’s important to note that once your trailer is built, you cannot switch your trailer from a Lowrider to a Highrider and vice-versa. Stick to the Specs You should refer to our specifications sheet when trying to determine what trailer configuration is best for you. The size of wheel you want also plays into the decision of what trailer configuration fits your car best. There is only a four-inch difference between the lowest option to the highest option. So, if you are planning on using a rooftop tent with your trailer, either option is completely fine. You will be about the same height off the ground no matter which trailer option you choose. Ask for Help! If you have any questions about this, please call us or send us an email! We want to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, some people want to use their trailer with more than one vehicle. This is completely fine! But you should configure your trailer to the vehicle you plan to pull the trailer with most. You can always buy a riser for the receiver on your other car. Now you know that Lowriders and Highriders are there for finding the right trailer height for your car!

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