How to Take Proper Care of your Storable Trailer

Red space trailer with bikes for family trip Whether you are preparing for a new adventure, in the middle of one, or are putting away your SPACE Trailer for the year, it is always important to continually care for your storable trailer to ensure its condition for years to come. Here are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your SPACE Trailer.


Upkeep is essential for the safety of any trip. Luckily with our storable trailer, maintenance is quick and painless, which means you can stress less and enjoy more adventures. Here is a short list of things to check on your storable trailer before or during a trip.
  • Always check your tire pressure and taillights.
  • Yearly, lug nuts should be tightened, and the bearings lubricated.
These may seem like small things but simple checks on your SPACE Trailer can really save you a lot of stress, time, and money down the road.

Gray space trailer with dog laying down in front of it


Our storable trailer is made of a galvanized steel frame, powder-coated box steel panels, and poly-coated Marine-grade plywood for the bed. To ensure your new SPACE Trailer maintains its new glow it is important to use cleaners that do not erode those protective coatings. While common contaminants like oil, grease, and moisture may cause stains if left unchecked, cleaners like Comet, Clorox, or Simple Green can remove contaminants from the storable trailer without affecting the finish.

Gray space trailer being pulled through the mountains at sunrise


When you put away your storable trailer, SPACE Trailers have the unique benefit of vertical storage. This unique method of trailer storage opens up more floor space for other items in your garage. When storing your SPACE trailer, level ground is very important. Solid flat ground will secure the trailer in its place and help keep it from moving or falling over.

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