How You can Use your Trailer Year-Round

Use a Space Trailer Year-Round If you’re like us here in Minnesota and you get all four seasons, you might be thinking of how you can use your trailer year-round. Even when the weather starts to turn cold, there are uses for your trailer that maybe you hadn’t thought of. Trust us, you can use your SPACE Trailer more than just in the spring and summer. Here’s how you can use your trailer year-round.


Here in Minnesota, the leaves are starting to change, and the weather is getting colder. Most people see this as a sign to start getting their trailer ready for winter. However, there are many ways you can still put your trailer to use. One of the most popular ways is good old yard work! Leaves are falling and it’s time to bag when you mow. Putting leaves and bagged grass into your trailer and hauling it to a compost site has never been easier. Don’t worry about stuffing bags into your car and getting it dirty. SPACE Trailers give you all the room you need to bag leaves and hauling them away. Also, don’t forget that fall means tailgating season! Haul your tailgate essentials in your trailer. You won’t have to take more than one car, and all your friends will be able to ride with you.


space trailer pulled by rangerIf you’re into any winter sports, using a SPACE Trailer in the winter will be no problem. Haul your sports equipment in your trailer. Whether that be skiing and snowboarding essentials or sleds for sledding, you won’t have to cram them into the back of your car. The holiday season is especially great for volunteering. Volunteer with a local food shelf or clothing drive, and pack everything into your trailer to bring to your local shelter.


Spring is a great time of year to use your SPACE Trailer! Whether it be for yardwork, road trips, or starting the camping season early. Spring also means it’s Spring Break time if you have kids in school (or if you are in school, yourself!).


Summer is the time for trips, sports, and adventure. It’s the most popular time of year for people to use their trailers. Whether that be on a family vacation, camping trip, house projects, and more, there is always something going on where your trailer can come in handy. Just remember, even though people typically think of using trailers in the summer, you can really use them year-round. Take it from your fellow Minnesotans—a SPACE Trailer is great for any season!

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