Benefits of your Lightweight Utility Trailer

Space trailers have a myriad of benefits small and large to the user. Versatility is the name of the game.

More Space

Open Space Trailer with Tent on top in winter They’re called space trailers for a reason! Adding a trailer to your overland rig allows you to carry more stuff. This might allow you to carry more stuff total, or shift stuff out of the cabin of your vehicle to fit more people in. Further, this might include external carry of bikes, canoes, rooftop tents, or whatever else you can add to your trailer or its tongue!

Easier to Organize

packed and organized lightweight utility trailer Another benefit of your lightweight utility trailer is its simple rectangular floor plan. Packing is far simpler in a rectangular trailer than items in nooks and crannies of a car. With a floor plan of 84 Lx 49W x 13H inches and no wheel wells, the space trailer is all usable space for your gear.

Keep Things Clean

Utility Trailer being used to transport pumpkins Keep the interior of your car clean with a space trailer. Carry, dirty gear, wood, game, or even pumpkins! You can also put smelly gear like funky shoes, camping clothes, or trash in the trailer and keep your car cabin smelling fresh.

Keep Things Cool

A temperate benefit of an external compartment is its separate temperature. In the winter, you’re basically towing a fridge! In the summer, you can keep gear in the back, and keep the cabin of your car cooler.

Dry Gear

Open space trailer being used as a drying rack for clothing One special benefit of your lightweight utility trailer is its use as a drying rack. More than this, you have space to keep wet gear out of your car.

Anything and Everything else you can imagine!

Because SPACE trailers are made to order, the options are almost endless. Need something to carry your fishing poles? Try mounting them on SPACE bars! Need to carry bicycles? Add a dual hitch or Monorail Hitch Rack! The choice is yours How will your adventures benefit from a space trailer? Find out more at


  • Clare Martin

    It’s good that you mentioned that utility trailers are also called space trailers since they allow us to carry more things while making packing simpler because of their simple rectangular floor plan. I will be opening a landscaping company in Salt Lake City this year, so I need to invest in a utility trailer of my own to use for my new business before spring comes. I’ll take note of this while I look for a utility trailer dealer in Salt Lake City to contact for inquiries soon.

  • Victoria Addington

    I’m delighted you covered the characteristics of a portable utility trailer. I had no idea that I might choose to add a trailer, which can help me carry additional items. This would be ideal for transporting bikes, canoes, or even rooftop tents. I’ll be sure to pass this along to my uncle because he’s always seeking extra storage when he travels. I’ll make sure to look into any services that can assist in getting him one.

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