Tips for Staying Organized While Traveling with your Small Gear Trailer

Gray space trailer being pulled through the mountains at sunrise Before hitting the road, here is what you need to know to stay organized with your small gear trailer.

Make a Checklist!

It is easy to forget something at home, even a child (there is a whole six-movie franchise around that idea... Seriously, there are six Home Alone movies), so to avoid that stress, make a checklist and stick to it. Checklists are crucial for road trip preparation, and anyone would suggest making one. One bit of advice that may be helpful is to pack for what is planned. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often something packed goes unused. So, think about what you will be doing, whether it is camping, hunting, or a family vacation, and pack what you know you will need or want and nothing more. Extra baggage can really slow down a fun adventure.

Green space trailer packed and ready for a camping tripHow to pack right

Use Bins

Every bit of space on a small gear trailer counts so it is crucial to pack efficiently. Packing efficiently requires expert levels of special awareness to know how best things will fit. For those who are less adept, there are some ways to make packing your small gear trailer easier. For one, try using bins. This sounds simple enough, but it is extremely helpful. Awkwardly shaped items can easily break up the flow and make packing more stressful, but uniformly shaped bins fit together better making packing a breeze. Also, to make unloading easier on yourself later, try labeling the bins so you know what is inside each one!

Keep Size in Mind

Second, be aware of the size of your trailer. At SPACE Trailers, our small gear trailer is 84 inches long by 49 inches wide by 15 inches tall totaling 65 cubic feet of storage space. Keep in mind the removable canopy adds roughly 50 percent more space atop the trailer. When packing your small gear trailer these dimensions are important to keep in mind because they will help guide what you pack.

Pay attention to Weight

Lastly, consider weight distribution. This blog goes more in-depth about proper weight distribution practices to maximize your vehicle’s efficiency, but here is something to keep in mind. Our SPACE Trailer’s capacity is 1,000 pounds and 10% of that weight should be put towards the back past the axle, 30% should be around the axle, and the remaining 60% of the weight closer to the front, or, the tongue. Keeping these things in mind will help you effectively pack your small gear trailer.

Red Space trailer packed and ready for a family vacationOrganizing your trailer

Knowing where everything is in your small gear trailer is key to staying organized. One helpful tip is to put important things that you will need to take out periodically on the road trip in last so they can be taken out first. For instance, if you plan to camp on the road trip you may want to put camping gear in last, or if you are sight-seeing, maybe put the lawn chairs in last so they can be easily accessed. Some other good things to put in last may be a first-aid kit, food cooler, and water. Hopefully these tips will help you stay organized on the next trip you take sporting a small gear trailer!

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    Where do i find the dimensions of the xl trailer box ? Is it 84 × 49 × 15 or 21?

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