Can I Get my Compact Trailer Shipped?

If you’re new to SPACE Trailers and don’t live near Minnesota, this blog is for you. If you don’t feel like making the trip up here, we understand. So, you’re probably wondering if you can get your trailer shipped to you. The answer to that, is yes!

How Do I Get My Trailer Shipped?

After you’ve built your compact trailer out just how you want it, add it to your cart on our website. When you check out, it will give you an option to select shipping as your choice. After your order goes through, you can just sit back and relax.

What Can I Expect?

We ship trailers vertically on a pallet. This means you will need at least two people to help get the compact trailer into its horizontal position. It comes mostly assembled, so there is little work you will have to do. The shipping company will reach out to you and set up a time to show up right at your door, so you are there when the trailer arrives. Watch the video below on what to expect for shipping.

What Does Shipping Cost?

COVID-19 has caused shipping prices to fluctuate. When you add your trailer to your cart and check out, you will see the price of shipping right away. If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask.

Where Do You Ship To?

We ship to anywhere in the United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii. If you’d like to order a compact trailer and get it shipped to you, but you live outside the United States, this is still possible! You will need a freight forwarder somewhere in the U.S. that we can send your trailer to. Then from there, you will have to arrange the shipping with your freight forwarder to get the trailer to you. Don’t worry, it is completely possible! We have trailers in places such as Ireland, the Dominican Republic, and more.

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