SPACE Trailers: A Storable Lightweight Trailer

SPACE Trailers are the perfect trailers for anything imaginable. For camping, yard work, tailgates, hauling professional equipment, and more, there is always one factor that pulls people in. These trailers are not only customizable, but they are lightweight, too. Oh, and did we also mention they are storable? Get to know our storable lightweight trailer.

Lightweight Trailer

SPACE Trailers are extremely lightweight. Coming in at about 600 pounds, any type of vehicle can pull this trailer with ease. Most people think of larger vehicles when it comes to pulling a trailer. But with a lightweight trailer such as a SPACE Trailer, you can pull it with almost any size vehicle. Not only that, but you can easily move the trailer yourself when it’s detached from your car. This can help when you’re maneuvering it into tight spaces or at a campsite.


Save. On. Space! We take our name very seriously. Save space on any adventure your life takes you on. But also, literally save space. These lightweight trailers can be stored vertically on-end in your garage. Finding a place to put your new trailer won’t be an issue for you with a SPACE Trailer. If you have some extra room in your garage, you can easily store this trailer when it’s not in use. It has a removeable tongue as well, so height shouldn’t be an issue.

Make Sure to Get SPACE Bumpers

SPACE Bumpers First and foremost, if you plan on storing your storable lightweight trailer, you should make sure it has Space Bumpers. These are little “bumpers” that go on the back of your trailer. They make sure the tailgate doesn’t get scratched when you store it vertically.

What To Expect When Storing Your Trailer

Storing your trailer is simple but having an extra hand or two is highly suggested. You’ll want a person to be on each side of your trailer, and one person in the middle by the tongue. You will have to unscrew the two bolts on the tongue underneath the trailer to remove it. The wire harness that attaches to your vehicle can be unclipped underneath your trailer for easy tongue removal. Make sure you have some tire chocks or something there to keep the tires in place when moving it into a vertical position. You will also want to put tire chocks in place when the trailer is upright. If you have any questions about storing your trailer, please give us a call!

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