What Are SPACE Trailers?!

What Are Space Trailers Orange Space Trailer with Kayaks A simple question that may seem complicated! Maybe you’ve passed a SPACE Trailer on the road or come across one at a campground. You may have thought: “Wow! That looks awesome! Do I need one?” Of course, the answer is, “yes!!” But we are here to explain in-depth on what SPACE Trailers are and why they are so awesome.

What are SPACE Trailers?

SPACE Trailers combine the versatility of a utility trailer with the pack-up-and-go of a small cargo trailer. Whether you drive a Mini Cooper or a minivan, our tough but lightweight enclosed sport trailer lets you bring everything you want—not just what you need. These trailers are perfect to ensure no gear or belongings are left behind on your travels if space ever becomes an issue. Travel better and easier with these trailers! Additionally, each trailer is made in the USA.

Lightweight and Storable

Red space trailer being stored vertically on its sideWe’ve seen all types of cars pull a SPACE Trailer—from small cars to large trucks! These sport trailers weigh about 600lbs. They are extremely light and easy to move. Short on space in your garage? That isn’t a problem for these trailers either! You can store a SPACE Trailer vertically (just be sure you get SPACE Bumpers when you order one). You can remove the tongue on the trailer for upright storage in a tight garage space.


orange customized space trailer what are space trailers We build every SPACE Trailer specifically to each customer’s order. You have a range of accessory options to choose from to customize your trailer to however you like best. Moreover, we take pride in having a small production team that builds these trailers each day for excited customers!

Match Your Lifestyle

We make SPACE Trailers so they match with every customer’s lifestyle. Whether you plan to use the trailer for camping, taking the kids on a road trip, or hauling around equipment, there isn’t a job a SPACE Trailer can’t do. So, what are you waiting for? You can place an order straight from our website, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 833-538-0029.

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