What you can do with a SPACE Trailer

So… is “everything” the wrong answer? If you’re considering purchasing a SPACE Trailer soon and have any doubts, stick around! We are explaining many ways you can use your compact trailer, and what we’ve heard from customers. From camping to carrying equipment and more, a SPACE Trailer has got you covered.


camping with a SPACE TrailerThis one is the most popular reason people buy their lightweight trailer. SPACE Trailers allow you to put a rooftop tent on top of its SPACE Bars. This frees up space inside the trailer where you can store all your camping essentials. Sleeping bags, extra clothes, food, kitchen supplies, and more all fit inside with extra room to spare. We’ve seen customers make the inside of their trailer a “mini kitchen” for when they head out on camping trips! It helps that the trailer is compact and lightweight, making it easy to pull behind almost any type of vehicle. The best part is that its canopy allows items to stay dry inside the trailer. So, if you get some unexpected rain while out on your camping trip, you won’t have to worry about your items getting wet.

Family Road Trips & Extra Storage

Using a Space Trailer for Family Road Trips and Extra Storage Extra storage may be a no-brainer on a reason to get a SPACE Trailer. We can’t tell you the number of times customers have told us they get the trailer for this exact reason. If you’ve got a growing family and need extra room in the car on road trips, it’s your sign to get a SPACE Trailer. You won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind due to lack of space. Saving the hassle of playing Tetris with your road trip belongings saves on stress, too.


We’ve had customers in professions such as photography tell us they bought their trailer to haul around all their equipment. How cool is that?! We’ve even had customers use their trailer for yard work and hauling around mulch, rock, and more. Since the canopy on this compact trailer is easily removable, you can make your enclosed trailer into an open trailer whenever you want.


Using a SPACE Trailer for volunteering endeavors might be one of the coolest adventures we’ve heard about. We’ve seen people pack their trailers full of food to bring to food shelves. If you are into volunteering and ever need more space on your endeavors, these trailers are perfect for you.


Tailgating with a SPACE TrailerIt’s football season, everyone! Take your SPACE Trailer to tailgates. We’ve seen a few trailers completely decorated to match their owner’s favorite football team. You can store fold-up chairs, yard games, beverages, and more inside this trailer. Plus, it’s lightweight and the perfect size to fit right in at any tailgate. As always, if you have any questions or would like to walk through how you’d like your trailer configured, give us a call! You can reach us at 833-538-0029.

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