How to Use Rear Stabilizer Jacks and Why You Need Them

If you’re new to SPACE Trailers and are browsing the accessory options, you may be wondering what “rear stabilizer jacks” are. Why do you need them? What are they for? Should you get them? These questions are probably going through your mind before you purchase. Maybe you have them on your trailer and don’t know how to use them. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here is everything you need to know about rear stabilizer jacks.

What Are They?

Rear Stabilizer Jacks are found at the back of your trailer, one on each side. They are meant to provide extra stability to your trailer. You pull them down to touch the ground when your trailer is stationary.

Why do I Need Them?

Orange Space Trailer using Rear Stabilizer jacks with rooftop tentIf you are planning on putting a rooftop tent on your trailer, we always recommend you get rear jacks. It makes your trailer extra stable while you are on top in your tent. If you plan on putting a lot of items inside your trailer, rear jacks also help when you are rummaging through it. Especially if you unhook your trailer from your vehicle, rear jacks will give you extra support. They also help when you have heavy items on top of your trailer such as kayaks or canoes.

How do I Use Them?

Using your rear stabilizer jacks is very easy! Take a hold of a rear jack and pull it back towards the wheel of your trailer. It will extend back. Then, move it so it’s perpendicular to the ground. There is a small lever on the side of the rear jack that you can press on. This extends the rear jack to the ground. Follow these steps in reverse to put the rear jacks back up before you hit the road again. If you ever have any troubles with them, just give us a call and we can walk you through it!

Can I Add Them on Down the Road?

If you already own a SPACE Trailer and want to add some rear jacks, you can easily do so. Before you purchase your rear jacks, you will have to know whether you have a lowrider or a highrider. If you have a lowrider, you should purchase the Short Rear Jacks. If you have a highrider, you should purchase the Tall Rear Jacks. Installation of these trailer supports is very simple!

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