Why You Should Get a Wheel Jack on your Trailer

There are many accessories you can choose from when building out your SPACE Trailer. If this is your first rodeo, then you may not know exactly which accessories to get and which ones you may not need. Here is why you should get a wheel jack on your SPACE trailer.

What is a Wheel Jack?

A wheel jack is a wheel that is attached on the tongue of your trailer. It helps to raise and lower your trailer to the height of the hitch on your car. This helps when attaching the trailer to your vehicle and when removing it from your vehicle.

Keeps your Trailer Upright

tent on top of green space trailer with wheel jack A wheel jack on your SPACE Trailer helps to keep it upright when not attached to your vehicle. If you didn’t have one of these on your trailer, it would tilt forward until the tongue rests on the ground. It won’t necessarily damage your trailer, but it is not convenient to have your trailer tilting downwards. Especially if you have any heavy items in your trailer, it could put unnecessary weight/pressure on the tongue.

Easier to Maneuver Your Trailer

With a wheel jack attached to your trailer, you can maneuver it easier without having it attached to your vehicle. For example, say you are staying overnight at a hotel and want to park your trailer next to your vehicle. You can detach it from your car and move it yourself into its own parking space. All you would need to do is push it to the spot you want it. If your trailer didn’t have a wheel jack, it would make moving it much harder.

We Always Recommend a Wheel Jack!

If we notice an order that doesn’t have a wheel jack on it, we will ALWAYS make sure you are sure you don’t want it. We’ve had customers come pick up their trailers who originally didn’t have a wheel jack, and they ended up wanting us to put one on for them. Don’t worry, though. If you ordered a trailer without a wheel jack and now want one, or you want a new wheel jack, they are very easy to find. You can check out your local Ace Hardware, Menards, or Home Depot stores for one. They most likely will have just what you need.

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