Why You Should Meet us at Events!

As the world slowly starts to return to normal, more shows are starting to take place again. Shows and events are a great place to see a SPACE Trailer for yourself. We also love meeting you, too! As this year is starting to wrap up, we’ve got a couple more shows to attend before the start of 2022. Come and see us!

Why You Should Come to an Event

Events and shows are a great way to not only meet the company, but also get to see products in real life. When making a purchase such as a trailer, we know seeing the product before you buy is important. We attend each event in hopes of meeting more of our customers and bringing our trailers to you. Most events cost little to nothing to attend and are fun for the family to get out and have fun. Our goal is to attend events throughout the United States, so you have the chance of seeing our products in person!

2021 Wicked Big Meet

SPACE Trailers recently attended the Wicked Big Meet on September 12th of this year. Located in Stafford Spring, Connecticut, there was a great turnout of Subaru enthusiasts! Me, You, and Ruby Sue represented us at this event, where they met a lot of new customers. With door prizes, giveaways, and more, if you attended this event, you were sure to leave with some kind of prize or coupon. (And a fun can koozie from us, too)!

2021 Overland Expo East

We are sending a couple of our team members to this event starting on October 8th! The Overland Expo East is in Arrington, Virginia. This event is for those who are passionate about camping and the vehicles or services needed to get you outdoors. From trailers to rooftop tents and more, there will be something there for everyone. Come out and meet us.

2021 Subiefest Florida

Subiefest Florida is also being attended by Me, You, and Ruby Sue to represent SPACE Trailers! This event is scheduled for November 20th of this year. This all-Subaru car show is a great way to see how people use their cars and deck them out! There are plenty of activities to bring fun for the whole family. If you are ever curious if we will be at an event near you, contact us!

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