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The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers
The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers
The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers
The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers
The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers
The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers
The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers

The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers

Regular price $10,319.00 Sale price$8,250.00 Save $2,069.00

This trailer package includes a fully-custom built SPACE Trailer, Wenonah Ultra-light Spirit II Canoe, and Thule Portage Rack to haul your new canoe on top of your SPACE Trailer! This packaged deal had OVER $2,000 in SAVINGS! Limited time only!

What you get: 

SPACE Trailer: Experience ultimate convenience with the SPACE Trailer. This trailer is equipped with additional upgraded features, including Rear Stabilizing Jacks, 15” Black Mod Tires, 15” SPARE Tire, XL Tongue, 72” SPACE Bars, HD Cylinders, and a Security Kit. Transport your gear securely and efficiently with this versatile trailer. You can choice between 10 colors and HighRider or LowRider Models.

Thule Portage Canoe Rack: Maximize your canoe transport capabilities with the Thule Portage Canoe Rack. Designed for ease and durability, this rack ensures a safe and stable journey for your canoe on top of your SPACE Trailer.

Wenonah Ultra-light Spirit II Canoe: The Wenonah Ultra-light Spirit II Canoe – the Swiss Army Knife of canoes. At 17 feet long and a maximum width of 35 inches, this canoe combines efficiency with maneuverability. Ideal for Boundary Waters trips and stable enough for fishing, it's perfect for lake travel and moving water. Constructed with ultra-light Aramid material, it offers stiffness and durability for speed and distance paddling. The canoe features a structural-foam core, laminated ribs, and strategically placed aluminum plates for a secure connection. With over 30 years of expertise, Wenonah Canoe is the world's largest maker of canoes using Aramid.

Key Features of the Wenonah Canoe:

  • Efficient design for long-hulled performance and short-hulled maneuverability.
  • Stable for fishing and spacious for Boundary Waters and back country trips.
  • Ultra-light construction with Aramid fiber for speed and durability.
  • Structural-foam core, laminated ribs, & aluminum plates for a secure connection.
  • Trusted by Canoe & Kayak Magazine – a top choice for all your canoeing needs.

    Price: Valued at $10,319, but now available at a special SALE price of $8,250. Save $2,069 on your ultimate travel and canoeing experience.

    *This offer is valid for pick up only. We are not able to ship. 

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    Product: The Wenonah Adventure Trailer by SPACE Trailers

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    Define your own SPACE.
    Everything you need to know to create your perfect SPACE Trailer.

    It’s a luggage trailer.
    A bike hauler.
    A camper’s dream trailer.

    SPACE Trailers are the sport utility cargo trailer that does everything you do.

    SPACE Trailers were developed through first-hand experience and research with the idea of purchasing more fuel-efficient, smaller crossover vehicles and not leaving any gear behind.

    Made right here in the United States in Red Wing, MN, our trailers are designed for the adventurous with lightweight, low-profile, and aerodynamic designs making SPACE Trailers an ideal trailer for small cars like the Subaru Crosstrek.

    Anywhere, anytime–SPACE Trailers will follow you on any adventure you decide to embark on.



    The SPACE Trailer base model you choose should be determined by the height of the hitch on your tow vehicle. There is no different in clearance between the LowRider and the HighRider, as the axle remains at the same height for both.

    Not sure which base model is right for you?

    It's as simple as measuring the height of the trailer hitch on your vehicle. Not sure how to do that? Learn how to measure HERE or by checking out the button below.



    We offer 10 color options to customize your SPACE Trailer the way you want it! Customize your SPACE Trailer to match your car, towable vehicle, kayaks, bikes, or even your favorite shirt!



    We offer two tire sizes: 13” and 15”. Both sizes come in both Black Mod Rim or Aluminum Rim options. In addition, we now offer a 15” All-Terrain Tire. All base SPACE Trailers come standard with 13” Black Mod Rims and Radial Tires, but can be upgraded to below options.



    With additional SPACE Bars on your trailer, you can easily mount kayaks and canoes on top. Each tongue length option allows for different length kayaks or canoes to be mounted on the trailer while still allowing the SPACE Trailer canopy to easily open and close when kayaks or canoes are mounted. Spare tires are typically mounted on the tongue as well.

    If you plan on using a Dual Hitch with a hitch receiver bike rack, you will want to get a long or XL tongue.



    Gas Cylinders are located on both sides on the inside of the trailer. These help you open and lift the lid on your trailer. ALL SPACE Trailers come with Standard Gas Cylinders.

    Upgrade to Heavy-Duty Gas Cylinders to allow you to add an additional 100lbs to your utility trailer. Perfect for lifting your lid when mounted with a bike, kayak or other gear.

    IMPORTANT: You need to upgrade to Heavy-Duty Gas Cylinders if you are using a roof-top tent.



    Stabilizing Jacks support the trailer so it’s well balanced and doesn’t tip backwards or forwards when you crawl in your tent for the night

    Adjustable Stabilizing Jacks can be added on the front and/or rear of your SPACE Trailer.

    Remember to select either the short or tall stabilizer jack option
    depending on your trailer model: LowRider (short) or HighRider (tall).



    Adjustable SPACE Bars make transporting, loading and unloading kayaks, canoes, and bikes a cinch. SPACE Bars work with most roof top rack accessories.

    We offer THREE SPACE Bar width options: 54”, 72” and 80”. SPACE Bars are not adjustable in height and measure at 1.25 clamps diameters.

    Height to top of SPACE Bars is determined by wheel + spring configuration:
    13" LowRider = 51" // 15" LowRider = 52.5"
    13" HighRider = 54" // 15" Highrider = 55"
    15" HighRider XL = 56"

    Dynamic (Moving) = 225lbs
    Static (Not Moving) = 600lbs