Best Bike Transportation Practices

Space Trailer with bikes and paddle boards

Bikes and Space Trailers

A favorite cargo for SPACE trailer users is bicycles. Bicycles are a great way to explore or get around areas like campgrounds without uprooting from a campsite. Thus, here are some of our best options for carrying bikes with your SPACE trailer.

bikes on top of space trailerWhat’s the Best Option?

The best option for hauling bikes depends on your needs and interests. Users who love cycling or use cycling as a primary mode of transport may choose SPACE bars to carry bikes. However, other users may want to use their SPACE bars to haul boats or a rooftop tent. Regardless of your needs, there’s an option that suits them. Here are some details on ways to haul bikes with a SPACE trailer.

SPACE bars

Many users favor our SPACE bars option as a method of carrying bikes. SPACE bars mimic a car's roof rack, except atop your SPACE Trailer. Also, the SPACE bars are compatible with a variety of roof racks and are useful for more than just bikes. Users have hauled kayaks and bicycles at the same time through a bit of clever ingenuity.

space trailer getting pulled by road trek vanWhat Racks are Recommended?

We recommend Yakima racks for hauling bicycles on the SPACE bars. Yakima offers a wide variety of cargo boxes, bike racks and other roof accessories that mate to the SPACE bars. It’s also important to consider SPACE bars are also available in three different widths; 54”, 72”, or 80”.Consider contacting customer support or asking in our SPACE trailer community page to check fitment of different racks with different size bars.

Dual Hitch

Another option for hauling bikes is our dual hitch. The dual hitch extends and adds another slot to your car’s tow hitch. Consequently, the extra hitch can provide space to mount more items, including additional bike racks or external storage. This keeps your space bars free for other items!

SUV and space trailer hauling bikesWhat Racks are Recommended?

We recommend pairing the dual hitch with a RockyMounts bike rack. Not only does RockyMounts offer a variety of different options, but they are all made in the US. In addition to this RockyMounts are also capable of fitting several bikes and adapting to nearly any bike regardless of weight and tire setup.

Car Roof

Some SPACE trailer users also haul bikes on the roof of their vehicle on either stock roof racks or an aftermarket add on roof rack.

What Racks are Recommended?

If you are choosing to add an aftermarket rack, we recommend Yakima roof racks. Furthermore, contact Yakima customer support to ensure a good fit on the roof of your vehicle.

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