3 Customizable Cargo Trailer Features for your SPACE Trailer

There are a lot of different types of customizable cargo trailers. So, it’s important to know what you need from a trailer when building your own SPACE Trailer. And now, as summer is quickly approaching, it’s essential to know which customizable cargo trailer features you want to utilize—will you be biking, camping, kayaking, or all of the above? Having the proper features will ease your travel worries! Our customizable cargo trailer has different accessories and options for every outdoor enthusiast. Three accessories that we find vital for any adventure include the SPACE Trailer Luv Handles, Longneck Tongue Length, and SPACE Bars.

Why Do I Need LUV Handles?

We LOVE the LUV Handles on the SPACE Trailer. The LUV handles are great for hauling, securing, and locking your gear to your SPACE Trailer. If you plan to vertically store your SPACE Trailer when not in use, the LUV handles make it easier to maneuver for upright storage. The customizable cargo trailer LUV handle feature is especially convenient if you want to remove the canopy off your SPACE Trailer or need to secure your gear when traveling.

Which Size Tongue is Right for me?

The customizable cargo trailer offers three longneck tongue trailer options. You should measure your kayak or canoe to determine which tongue length is best for you to travel better. First, the Standard Tongue is 11 feet in length with a 4-foot tongue in front of box. It can haul up to a 10 ft kayak. Next, tAnd thirdly, SPACE trailers offer the Longneck XL. The Longneck XL is 13.5 feet in length with a 6.5-foot tongue in front of box. The Longneck XL can haul up to an 18-foot kayak! Each tongue option allows for different length kayaks or canoes to be mounted onto your SPACE bars. Surprisingly, the longer the tongue length, the easier it is to reverse.

Will I Need SPACE Bars?

Do you plan on camping on top of your SPACE Trailer? Will you be hauling canoes or kayaks? Are you biking? SPACE Bars make transporting, loading and unloading kayaks, canoes and bikes effortless. However, it is helpful to know the length of equipment you will want to haul with your trailer to determine the appropriate size of SPACE Bars. The SPACE Bars work with most roof top rack accessories and have 225 lb. capacity when cruising down the highway and even more when parked for mounting a roof top tent – 600 lb. capacity (including tent and occupant weight). SPACE BARS are not adjustable in height but do differ in width. Also, SPACE bars diameter measures to 1.125 inches for your accessory clamps diameter. There are three available SPACE Bar widths to make your customizable cargo trailer just perfect for you! The three-width option for SPACE Bars are 54, 72, or 80 inches. As each kayak, bike, and rack varies in size, you will have to determine your needs to select the perfect SPACE Bar width.

Build your trailer now and get ready to travel better!

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  • pedro delfino

    What are the tongue weights of all your models? My Honda Accord Sedan has a Maximum tongue weight limit of 200 pounds. Also, are the trailers compatible with a class 1 hitch receiver? 2" receiver only or can we use an extension converter from 1"1/4"?
    Thank you for your assistance.

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