How to Find the Right Bike Rack for You

space trailer with camping gear and bike rack Many of our customers love hauling bikes either atop their SPACE trailer or with a dual hitch. Here are our considerations for hauling a bike along with your space trailer.

On Trailer or Off?

The first consideration is to decide if you want to carry your bike on a trailer or on your dual hitch. The answer depends on your needs, and your planned cargo.

The Dual Hitch

Carrying bikes on a double hitch offers more versatility in overall usage. The dual hitch allows you to unhitch the trailer and drive around with bicycles separately. This is ideal in longer-term camping situations with an established campground such as a KOA or state park campground. However, carrying bikes on a dual hitch requires buying the add-on hitch and bike rack - Check out our MonoRail 2 Bike Hitch Rack! The double hitch also allows you to carry more total gear, an important consideration for serious overlanders.

On the Trailer

red space trailer with bikes on top with bike rack

Carrying bikes on the trailer offers more simplicity. A shorter hitch also keeps the overall package shorter to tow. Hauling bikes directly on the SPACE trailer requires the SPACE bars add on and we also recommend the Heavy Duty Gas Cylinders feature to make the lid easier to manipulate with bikes racked on it. This option is ideal for shorter trips where maneuverability is key or you need to haul less gear.

What Bikes are You Carrying?

This is an important question to consider when choosing between bike storage options. The rooftop carrying capacity of the space bars has a dynamic carrying capacity of 225 lbs. On the other hand, the dual trailer bike rack has a capacity of 120 pounds but other rack options are available on the website of our recommended partner, Rocky Mounts. The SPACE bars may be a consideration if hauling heavier bikes like mountain bikes or E-Bikes, or several bikes.

What Else are You Carrying?

Space Trailer with bikes and surf boards

If you plan on carrying more items on the trailer itself, you might opt for the dual hitch. Many of our customers use the SPACE bars to haul boats or rooftop tents that won’t fit on a dual hitch.

The Bottom Line

Both the dual hitch and the space bars are great options for hauling bikes, it’s all about what you have and what you need out of your SPACE experience. Check out our social media for more inspiration to see how other customers have kitted out their trailers.

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