The Best Camping Utility Trailer

Our SPACE Trailer allows us to participate in all our favorite activities with ease and comfort and camping is one of our favorite activities! If you’re looking for a camping utility trailer, SPACE Trailers is the perfect option! You can easily install many roof top tent models on the market! SPACE Trailers do not sell tents. However, this camping utility trailer features three key options required to enhance your rooftop tent camping trailer experience. The three features include the heavy-duty gas cylinders, the rear stabilizer jack, and the SPACE bars.

Camping Utility Trailer Lid OpenHeavy Duty Gas Cylinders

The standard gas cylinder has a capacity of 150 lbs. whereas the heavy-duty gas cylinder capacity is 200 lbs. The heavy-duty gas cylinders allow you to add an extra 100 lbs. (50 lbs. per gas cylinder) to the utility trailer. The Standard Gas cylinder has a total capacity of 300 lbs. total. The heavy-duty gas cylinder has a capacity of 400 lbs. total. With the heavy-duty gas cylinder, you can open and close your canopy with ease. Even when your roof-top tent is mounted on top of your camping utility trailer! The heavy-duty gas cylinders help lift your canopy up and down.

Camping Utility Trailer DetailRear Stabilizer Jack

The adjustable Rear Stabilizer Jacks are important additions to your SPACE Trailer when adding a roof top tent. They keep the trailer from tipping backwards when you crawl in your tent for the night. Even if you don’t have a roof top tent on your camping utility trailer, the rear jack stabilizers help to balance the trailer. This is important for when you have a lot of weight in the trailer. Also, if you are trying to move things around or get to an item in the front of the trailer the stabilizer help! The rear jack stabilizers are easy to use and add that extra balance to your camping utility trailer.

Red Camping Utility TrailerSPACE Bars

The SPACE Bars work with most roof top rack accessories but it is helpful to know the measurements of your roof-top tent to determine the appropriate size of SPACE Bars. There are three available SPACE Bar widths, 54, 72, or 80 inches. You are able to make your customizable cargo trailer just perfect for your needs! The SPACE Bars have 225 lb. capacity when cruising down the highway. And even more when parked for mounting a roof top tent – 600 lb. capacity including tent and occupant weight. SPACE BARS are not adjustable in height but do differ in width. SPACE bars diameter measures to 1.125 inches for your accessory clamps diameter.

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