The Reason for LUV Handles

Thinking of purchasing a SPACE Trailer? Have no idea whether or not you should get the LUV Handles? You may even be wondering what the heck LUV Handles are in the first place. A very common question we get asked is whether it’s worth it to get the LUV handles on a trailer. In short, the answer is yes! And here’s why.

What Are LUV Handles?

Red SPACE Trailer LUV HandlesLUV handles are the handles on both sides of a SPACE Trailer. They are found just above the fenders on the trailer and below the top of the sides of the trailer.

Should I Get Them?

LUV handles are actually very important for your trailer. We always recommend that if you are even considering getting them, GET THEM! Because one factor about the LUV handles is that they cannot be put on your trailer after it is built. A SPACE Trailer is built a certain way. Whether the LUV handles are on it or not changes the way it is built.

Reasons for LUV Handles

small trailer handlesThere are many reasons for getting these side handles. First and foremost, if you plan on leaving anything attached to your SPACE Bars overnight, you will want to tie your items through the LUV Handles. This is because your SPACE Bars can be removable, but the LUV Handles are bolted into the frame and cannot be removed. It provides extra security when leaving items on your trailer overnight. Another reason is that it helps to move your trailer around when disconnected from your car. Whether you are planning on storing your trailer or moving it to a parking spot, LUV Handles help out tremendously. Not only this, but LUV Handles help considerably when camping. If you want to hang any items up, such as wet clothing to dry, putting it through the LUV handles works perfectly. All in all, these side handles help with moving your trailer, attaching things on top of your trailer, and more. We have never heard of a customer who regrets getting the LUV Handles—only customers who wish they had gotten them.

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