What Trailer Top Rack Size Should I Get on My SPACE Trailer?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a SPACE Trailer, you may be wondering what size SPACE Bars you should get. Or, you may not even know what SPACE Bars are yet. That’s okay! Every customer has been there. Picking the right trailer top rack size for you is an important decision. We are here to talk you through what they are, and why there are different sizes.

What Are SPACE Bars?

Kayak mounted on top of trailer SPACE Trailer trailer top rack size

SPACE Bars are the bars that go on top of the canopy of your SPACE Trailer. They act as a type of “rack” where you can place your kayaks, canoes, bikes, and more on top of. The dynamic (in motion) weight limit of SPACE Bars is 225 pounds. However, the static (stationary) weight limit of SPACE Bars is 600 lbs. This has to do with wind resistance as you are driving down a highway or road.

What Do People Use SPACE Bars For?

Kayak mounted on top of Trailer Orange SPACE Trailer trailer top rack size People use them for all sorts of reasons! From tying their kayaks or canoes on top of the trailer, to putting bikes on top. There is a perfect trailer top rack size for everyone. Most people end up using their SPACE Bars to put a rooftop tent on top of their trailer. A great feature about these bars is that they sit along a rack on top of the canopy. This means you can easily adjust how close or far apart they sit from one another. So, it makes it easy to fit any type of object on top of the bars.

How Many Different Trailer Top Rack Sizes are There?

There are three different SPACE Bar sizes: 54 inches, 72 inches, and 80 inches.

What Trailer Top Rack Size Should I Get?

The trailer top rack size depends on how much stuff you would like to fit on top of your trailer. The weight capacity for the bars do not change with size (they all hold up to 600lbs). For instance, if you know you will be putting a lot of bikes on top, the 80” may be best for you. If you plan on putting a rooftop tent on your trailer, typically people get the 72” or 80” option. The 72” option is the most popular option for SPACE Bars. So, if you are thinking of ordering a trailer, think of what you plan to put on top of it. As we always say, it’s better to have extra space on top of the bars than not enough. If people get the 54” option, it is mainly because they plan to put only a couple items on top.

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