Define your own SPACE.


Not Your Daddy’s Utility Trailer

Designed for the adventurous who believe lakeshores, ski slopes and hiking trails should at least come before paint, plywood and 2×4’s.

blue trailer with roof rack

8 Color Options

Space Trailers come in 8 colors at no additional cost. Customize your trailer to match your car or even your favorite team. Show off your personality and join the SPACE family with a custom space trailer.

SPACE Trailers Body Colors

Car Friendly – Subaru Crosstrek Trailer

Lightweight, low-profile and aerodynamic design makes SPACE™ is an ideal trailer for smaller cars like the hard-to-fit Subaru Crosstrek. *Refer to your vehicles and hitch towing specifications.

orange vehicle pulling orange space trailer

Bring It

Hauls a half ton of fun and those sheets of plywood too. 65-cubic feet and 1000-pound capacity is perfect for that week long camping trip or big box home improvement trips. (Refer to our spec sheet for full details).

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dual hitch with bikes and black space trailer

Secure It

Six tie down rings located on the inside floor and optional LUV Handles provides numerous locations to secure your gear.

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Space Trailer Flooring Tie Downs

Go Topless

Remove the canopy when you need to haul an ATV, dirt bike, fridge or surly mother-in-law. Turn canopy upside-down and serve nachos grande at the next tailgate party.

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Space trailer top removed

Load and Lock

Protect the gear you love. Doubles as a storage locker and acts as a safe haven on wheels during travel. The weather resistant design and Lock-a-Bill keeps your gear dry and secure.

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Blue Space Trailer Lock-A-Bill

Worry-free Lighting

Dependable and noticeably bright LED lights are positioned under the trailer while the custom made wiring is tucked away and protected eliminating those all too often lighting issues.

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Space Tailer Lighting

Hitching Up

A 2″ coupler and safety cables are standard. We recommend a wheel jack for ease of moving the trailer around when not attached to a vehicle.

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Space Trailer Coupler

Expand Your SPACE™

Spread out your fun by expanding your space. Adjustable SPACE BARS makes transporting, loading and unloading kayaks, canoes and bikes a cinch. Works with most roof top rack accessories and has 225 lb. capacity when cruising down the highway. More when parked for mounting a roof top tent – 600 lb. capacity (including tent and occupant weight). SPACE BARS are not adjustable in height.

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Space Trailer Roof Expansion

Extend Your SPACE™

A kayak trailer with gear storage. Go long and haul up to a 15ft kayak on the 6500 Longneck. Go longer with the 6500 Longneck XL.

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Space Trailer with Kayak

LUV Handles

Additional tie down option and they look cool too. Grab the LUV Handles to lift your SPACE™ on end for storing (SPACE Bumpers required).

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Red Trailer Luv Handles

Rock Solid & Compact

The quality and workmanship that goes into each SPACE™ Trailer starts from the bottom, up with a 2″ square hot dipped galvanized frame and five support cross-members. When you are not using your Space Trailer, you can stand the trailer on the end allowing you to store it out of the way in your garage.  Super tough, compact and the best part…  Space Trailers are made here on earth in the USA.

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Gray Trailer on end